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800 West First Street, Suite #300
Craig, Colorado 81625
Phone: 970-826-2360
Fax: 970-824-5706

The Investigations Section of the Craig Police Department encompasses several areas that provide operational support. The section includes the following:

  • 1 Sergeant
  • 1 Investigator
  • 1 DV/Sex Assault Investigator
  • 1 ACET (All Crimes Enforcement Team) Investigator
  • 1 Evidence Technician

Investigations- the Investigations Section focus on all major crime categories including homicide, robbery, sexual assault, burglary and major thefts.  The investigator’s primary responsibilities include conducting interviews and interrogations of suspects, witnesses and victims; crime scene management, collection, storing and processing of evidence; operation of specialized equipment, and preparation of warrants, affidavits and other official documents.   All the investigators are part of a multi-agency sexual assault response team. The ACET (All Crimes Enforcement Team) Investigator is assigned to a regional multi-agency team that specifically investigates major crimes that are affecting the entire 14th Judicial District of Colorado. This team’s primary responsibility is drug enforcement.

Evidence Technician- Blake Abdella is responsible for collecting and preserving evidence in major cases. He also manages the evidence property room of the Moffat County Safety Center. Any questions regarding the release of property or evidence should be directed to Blake. He can be contacted Tuesday through Friday at (970) 826-2369.